K-2022 Düsseldorf

The K Fair in Düsseldorf is not without reason considered the most crucial event in the plastics and rubber processing industry. This is where market leaders meet to present efficient and innovative solutions. This year's K fair trade was the perfect opportunity to talk about the future of the plastics industry and its impact on the environment.

The NG Engineering team is always keen to follow all the latest news from the world of new technology, so we couldn't miss out in Düsseldorf either. Such events are an excellent chance for our engineers to gain greater technological awareness and learn about the methodology of the entire process. An additional advantage of this trip was, of course, the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the latest technologies and tidbits from the plastics processing industry.

Our representation from the Automotive Department certainly had the opportunity to gain more knowledge and insight into the process through direct discussions with representatives of the companies involved. However, an undoubted advantage of this trip was also the opportunity to integrate and visit another European city together. After all, it is perfectly clear that a close-knit and skilled team is a treasure for any project.