NG Academy graduates' impressions

Recruitment is underway for the next edition of the NG Academy, which starts in October! We are looking for new talents among students or graduates of Mechanical Engineering studies. What to expect from our training with an internship? NG Academy graduates will share their impressions with you in the next couple of weeks.

Junior Design Engineer, Automotive Department:

"I found out about the NG Academy internship online. Since I wanted to associate my professional future with this field, I applied without hesitation. After an informational meeting and an interview, I began a three-month internship. I systematized the knowledge acquired at university and deepened my knowledge of CAD programs during it. In addition, we were presented with information about technologies and learned what project work is like. I was also able to feel the atmosphere that prevails in the company. It was a very good basis for the start of future work, which made the beginning much easier."

Junior Design Engineer, Automotive Department:

"The NG Academy is, above all, a great start on the career path of an engineer. Under the watchful eye of an experienced team, engineering knowledge is successively transferred from the practical side, which greatly supplements any gaps acquired at the university. The new candidate in the full spectrum receives knowledge on the use of CAD programs at a level much higher than that shown in the studies. In addition, the academy focuses on expanding knowledge of manufacturing techniques, which translates into the feasibility of the elements we design. Soon after completing the internship with training, I was able to start working on parts for leading companies in the automotive department."

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"My adventure with NG began when I joined NG Academy. I have very enthusiastic memories of the internship program. Both the people with whom I had the pleasure to spend this time and the staff who educated us at that time contributed to it. During the three-month internship, I received comprehensive training in two CAD programs. At the same time, additional training courses were conducted for us in machine drawing, GD&T, and the basics of designing installations in vehicles. I recall our instructors with kindness, with whom we could talk freely about various topics during classes and breaks. This introduced a friendly learning atmosphere that can be expected by anyone wishing to participate in the training."

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"In the last year of my studies, I thought a lot about how to start my career smoothly. Who would want to hire an employee without experience? I came across an offer of a paid internship at NG Academy which offered me design training. During the internship, I got a lot of valuable knowledge from employees experienced in this industry, which, combined with the theory obtained during my studies, allowed me to efficiently implement my work on the projects. Graduating from the NG Academy allowed for a "soft" start and confident work as a Junior Design Engineer surrounded by experienced and very helpful people. In NG you are not alone, you always have support here, especially important for a young employee."