NG PLM-Tec was the first in Poland to provide the customer with the NX Virtual Reality solution.

            Virtual Reality is a technology that supports engineers in 3D design, validation of new solutions, simulation of production processes, various types of engineering analyzes and project management. The basis of VR is to call the user a natural and real experience of being inside 3D space with the possibility of interacting with surrounding objects.

            Last year, Siemens PLM developed NX Virtual Reality - a professional tool embedded within the NX program, the market-leading CAD / CAM / CAE solution. NX VR enables one click in the NX interface, moving to the space (in 1: 1 scale) next to the designed model in 3D and starting various analyzes. It does not matter if it is a small white goods, a single machine, the entire technological line, the interior of the vehicle with a projected central console or the inside of the bus with a validated device for loading and unloading a wheelchair.

            Currently in NX VR, we can navigate and manipulate the loaded assembly in 3D, make DMU analyzes (measurements, cross-sections, etc.), create on-line comments and save them in the form of images. The technology that NG PLM-Tec delivered to the client allowed for a much better validation of the project, detection and avoiding errors related to the need for modification or even re-implementation of elements, resulting in additional costs and thereby lowering the profitability of the entire project.

            Krzysztof Cieplik, Vice President, Managing Director of Operations NG PLM-Tec: "We are proud that we were the first company in Poland to provide the NX VR solution. Soon, we plan to conduct workshops for clients so that they can get to know better the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality technology. We hope that more customers will start using this solution, which will definitely revolutionize the area of ​​3D design in the near future. "


If you are interested in testing the NX VR solution or need more information,

please contact us: at the address or call +48 666 039 310.