We have gained recognition within the automotive industry, as an innovative and well-appreciated supplier of engineering services relating to the styling and functionality of modern automobile.
We employ standards & environments from the most known car manufacturers and we are networking directly with the OEM data management systems.

  • styling interior components
    dashboards • Ÿcentre consoles • door trims • pillar & side trims • luggage compartment trims
  • functional interior components
    climatic & audio control panels • air register / air vents • cup holders • ashtrays • storage shelfs • glove boxes
  • air-conditioning
    HVAC aggregates • air ducts
  • exterior components
    bumpers • lighting • wheel housing • mirrors • protective coating
  • vehicle structure
    door systems • window lifters • door looks • cable harness


For many years we have been working with leading manufacturers and suppliers from the bus industry. This cooperation has enabled us to gain rich experience in the development of modern city and intercity buses as well as high range luxury coaches.
Our rich portfolio includes also many comprehensive projects from the railway vehicle industry, designing components for mainline and metro-cars as well as train wagons and city trams.

  • frameworks
    side walls • floor frames • roof structures • front & rear wall
  • exterior facing
    front & rear end (reinforced laminates) • sheet metal covering • side hatches • head lamps • side marking lamps • windshield & side windows • roof shields
  • interior elements
    dashboards • arrangement of drivers cab • seat layouts • ceiling systems • handrails • partition walls • service units • sanitary modules • luggage compartments • side wall trims
  • body electric
    high & low voltage cable harness • interior lighting
  • systems integration
    cable harness • HVAC • door systems • passenger information systems • fuel systems • hydraulic & pneumatic components

heavy equipment

Cooperating with worldwide customers, we participate in advanced engineering projects in the field of heavy equipment. Our experienced teams specialize in the delivery of heavy welding constructions, powertrain systems as well as hydraulic and electric installations. As a reliable partner, we support the development of electromobility vehicles and innovative subsystems.
We would be more than pleased to employ competencies to cost-effective solutions to your construction equipment, agriculture machinery, mining vehicles and cranes.

  • structure
    front units • rear frames • counterweights • superstructures
  • exterior
    dumper body • fenders & covers • stairs, platforms, handrails • hydraulic/fuel/urea tanks
  • instalation
    engine & axiliaries • cable harness • hydraulic routing • system integration • cooling circuits • exhaust systems
  • cab
    instrument/control panels • seats • trims • dashboards
  • attachments
    buckets • grapples • harvester headers

consumer goods

We have a broad knowledge of materials and production process thanks to delivery of diverse projects for variety of industries. You can safely trust us to design outer surfaces, housing and functional parts, as well as to integrate electrical and electronic components of any product.
We provide both styling designs and prototypes for tests and validation. Our products can fully satisfy multiple needs and serve a direct purpose to the end consumer.

  • home appliance
    vacuum cleaners • dishwashers • washing machines  • cookers • dryers • coffee makers
  • building equipment
    modular lighting systems • sockets & switches
  • sanitary accessories
    shower cabins •Ÿ toilet water cisterns • faucets / armatures / fittings
  • furniture
  • toys

mechanical engineering

We depend on our experience and wide knowledge of the strength of materials, shape cutting, plastic metal working, sheet-metal forming and welding when creating industrial machines and equipment.

Applying lean design principles we provide standarized devices as well as comprehensive, fully customized machine solutions that integrate seamlessly into your facility, optimize your workflow and boost your productivity.

machinery for:

  • paper production
  • tobacco manufacturing
  • food processing
  • sorting systems
  • forming technology
  • special purpose production equipment

medical technology

We develop effective solutions within the latest technologies delivering you quality compliant products to improve diagnosis, illness prevention, treatment, patient care and rehabilitation.
We always bear in mind the beneficial impact on health and quality of life.
With our engineering precision we carry out every project from concept to full-scale production within meeting strict healthcare requirements.

  • hospital equipment
    surgical instruments
  • orthopedic
    rollator • wheelchair
  • analytical apparatuses
    blood sugar meter • blood pressure meter
  • laboratory equipment
    analytic devices • dispensers • filter systems