added value

  • business experience – working out for years fixed price projects as well time & material based deliveries for various national & international customers
  • professional experience - engineers & professionals highly skilled and experienced in diverse industrial sectors are employed for your projects
  • resources pool - access to a pool of almost 500 professionals & a comprehensive candidates pipeline
  • capacity balancing – using professional services & resources on demand
  • comprehensive services – one partner for high quality, efficient communication, flexibility & short reaction time
  • strategic locations – service centres to major clients & OEM’s in Germany, Poland

product development

We have the know-how about all process steps from project planning till series production readiness of the product. Our project management plans, coordinates & controls the budget, quality and timing.
Within the conceptual development we define perfect solutions to meet your requirements. Every part has to be devised, built in 3D CAD and verified in early development stages using CAE Simulations (FEA, CFD). Together with the technical documentation compliant with international standards & customer specification we render the project to the next process steps.

engineering consulting

We support you with temporary professionals & engineers in technical majors. We enlarge customers’ team with skilled and experienced consultants from various business sectors. For this purpose we gained the permission for labour leasing.

  • project management
  • CAD engineering
  • CAE engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • software development
  • hardware design
  • quality engineering
  • production & process planning
  • test engineering
  • technical editing

special purpose machinery manufacture

We are strong and reliable developer and manufacturer for special purpuse machinery in automation and production from across sectors. Our competence team cares about customization of every project to automate your processes enhancing manufacturing efficiency. We analyse robotic systems according to specifications and requirements and conduct simulations to consequently optimize your production process. We offer machinery devices for:

  • assembly & processing
  • welding
  • handling & transport
  • testing & measuring
  • plant engineering


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