Automatic connector assembly in the medical industry

What do NG Engineering Group and the medical industry have in common? Like manufacturers specializing in supplying the medical sector, we are constantly striving to improve and enhance our services in accordance with quality standards. For the skilled staff of the NG, no task is too difficult; on the contrary, we like to set the bar high.

The machine we manufactured assembles the connectors used in the production of venous prophylaxis cuffs. The entire process is carried out fully automatically by placing the ferrite ring at a preset depth in the plastic body. During the execution of this project, the challenge was to ensure an efficient and safe process. A key role was played here by the precise positioning of sensitive components, enabling them to be assembled while maintaining the required quality and process parameters. Thanks to solutions that provide continuous control over component positioning and the elimination of pneumatics in favour of servo drives, the desired effect was achieved. Full automation of the process allows the entire production process to be speeded up and product demand to be covered.

At NG Engineering Group we are happy to cooperate with representatives of various industries because our diverse experience allows us to apply innovative solutions that set new criteria. What distinguishes us on the market is our openness and readiness to take on challenges.

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