Digital twin used by NG Engineering Group

Digital twin used by NG Engineering Group


Time pressure, growing competition and high customer requirements make the production of industrial machinery, based on the concept of digital twin, increasingly common and seems to be the key to success.

Digital twin refers to a digital model of physical objects, processes and systems. Such a mapping reality allows us to significantly accelerate the design and preparation of production and reduce the time of testing new products.

The digital twin concept is used in the NG Engineering Group's production process, which begins with establishment of guidelines with a customer. On their basis, a 3D design is created.  Next step the strength calculations are carried out to optimize key elements of a machine. In parallel with the above mentioned work, a PLC program is being developed which will eventually be installed in the machine controller after being fine-tuned. The simulations that can be used to cause a device to move according to planned cycles are performed based on a written program, after giving physical features to the moving elements of the machine and after the introduction of virtual sensors.

Before starting production, a customer gets acquainted with the prepared concept. After approval of a project, the engineers complete the documentation, which is then forwarded to NG Tools. Machine operators create processing programs, and in the next stage of production process, designed parts are made. At the same time, commercial parts such as robots, actuators, servo drives, presses etc. are ordered. The machine is then assembled and pre-commissioned. Finally, a device is delivered to a customer. Engineers from NG Tools participate in the commissioning of the machine at customer's site and also support him in operating the machine for the first days or weeks.

Having a design office that employs not only designers, but also specialists in simulation, strength calculations, technical documentation as well as modern production facilities allows us to carry out comprehensive implementation of projects for our customers. In addition, using digital twin technology in our daily work allows for the adaptation of processes to the changing requirements of our customers and for the improvement of flexibility and efficiency of our company.


The following list presents solutions and technologies that are used in the designing and manufacturing process of machinery and devices.

  • Siemens NX platform – multidisciplinary design, computing and technology environment.
  • Synchronous technology in NX – allows to work directly on the entrusted documentation, make changes or work in context. This solution enables rapid modification of 3D models without creation history.
  • Femap with NX Nastran – an engineering analysis environment that allows to quickly verify the correctness of structural assumptions and help optimisation of products according to the required criteria.
  • TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal – software designed for automation specialists. This solution implements concepts of total integration of machine automation systems and provides a complete set of tools for planning and monitoring the operation of devices and technological lines. Additionally, the software integrates automation system components within one project (PLCs, HMI panels, drives, distributed I/O systems and electricity flow management devices).
  • NX MCD (Mechatronic Concept Design) – this solution allows for multi-level analysis at an early stage of conceptual design. Virtual commissioning based on PLC code allows to evaluate and validate structural and functional assumptions. The NX MCD environment allowing digital representation of the machine (digital twin) is invaluable at the stage of optimization of its operation. Therefore, before the machine will be assembled, automation specialists can verify their work, so that after entering the production hall, only the last adjustments can be made. This approach ensures a minimum 30 % reduction in delivery and commissioning time at the customer's site.
  • NX CAM – environment designed for technologists, in which we can design machining programs for CNC machines (2-5 axes, bead wires, lathes). Additionally, the software allows for verification of digitally designed trajectories of tool movement with the possibility of full visualization of the process together with the kinematics of the machine. Such a solution makes it possible to eliminate any collisions. The know-how contained in the software allows the automation of many repetitive operations, which significantly reduces the time needed to prepare and process the product. In addition, the users of this solution have the possibility of automatic application of machining strategies, combined with reading information on the quality of the surface of the work piece from the 3D PMI model (Product Manufacturing Information).

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