Four-column hydraulic press

Do you know how a hydraulic press works? It uses Pascal's law, i.e. the phenomenon of pressure constancy in a closed hydraulic system, which allows the force of pressure to be multiplied. The world's most powerful press works with a force of 80,000 tons!

Four-column hydraulic presses are used in the heavy industry mainly in automatic processes of pressing, bending, cutting and hot forging. Most of them operate in robotic cells with automatic handling systems using modern manipulators and conveyors.

Our qualified team is experienced in designing such structures. We analyse weld stress using the effective notch method and optimise key system components such as the cylinder with piston, punch with die and tool holders. This allows us to prepare an appropriate system diagram, a professional design of the hydraulic and electrical system in a 3D model and deliver it to the customer together with detailed manufacturing and assembly documentation.

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