NG Academy graduates' impressions

The NG Academy is a great choice for starting an engineering career! We are looking for new talents among students or graduates of Mechanical Engineering studies. What to expect from our training with an internship? NG Academy graduates will share their impressions with you in the next couple of weeks.

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"After graduating, I encountered a job market that required several years of professional experience. Fortunately, I came across a recruitment announcement for the NG Academy, to which both people just after graduation and even those still studying could apply. Applying for it turned out to be a great idea. The training helped me significantly improve my skills in using CAD programs and increase my specialist knowledge in the field of designing machine elements and creating technical drawings. This made it easier for me to start working as a designer.

What I appreciated most about the classes at the Academy was that they were taught by practitioners who, in addition to introducing us to the core program very well, also shared with us the experience they had gained through years of working as design engineers.
In retrospect, I can say that applying to the NG Academy was an excellent idea. It provided me with a smooth transition from a university graduate to a design engineer, and during the Academy, I gained new friendships among both participants and instructors, which have continued to this day."

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"The Academy enabled me to prepare for work as a design engineer while still studying, and then smoothly transition to professional work after graduation. There was a relaxed atmosphere during the classes, which was conducive to asking any questions and thus gaining knowledge. I really appreciate that every teacher and then colleague is very helpful and friendly.

In addition to learning advanced use of CAD programs, we dealt with practical design. For this purpose, we used the knowledge acquired during the training, among others: about manufacturing techniques and GD&T, which is necessary in the designer's work."

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"Entering the job market for design engineer after graduation is not easy, and the NG Academy allows not only to systematize knowledge, but also to smoothly implement into professional work. The learning process was very interesting because it transformed theoretical concepts into practice. The internship allowed me to learn how to use CAD programs, as well as learn about problems occurring in projects and how to solve them.

Apart from the technical aspects, I also liked the work culture at NG. You could feel the everyday atmosphere in the company. The employees I met during the three-month training were willing to help and engage in simple conversations. This hasn't changed since we started working: we all are still a supportive team.

The Academy equipped me with the necessary tools and knowledge thanks to which I can handle design tasks very well, which is why I recommend this path of professional development."

Junior Design Engineer, Heavy Equipment Department:

"NG Academy was a great idea to start my career as a design engineer. When I reached my last semester of college, I decided to apply for an internship. It turned out to be a hit.
The training allowed me to develop my skills with CAD programs. In addition, I increased my resources of design knowledge and learned how to use it in practice. What I liked a lot was a trip to one of our suppliers, where, in addition to theoretical knowledge, we were shown what such cooperation looks like. Skillful use of suppliers' services now allows me to manage projects and tasks, which pays off with experience.
The internship not only introduced me to the profession but also allowed me to learn about the company's structures and the interesting people I work with daily in the company. As a graduate of NG Academy, I can say that this implementation method is very friendly and comprehensive."

Junior Design Engineer, Automotive Department

"The NG Academy internship started my career in NG Engineering. After graduating, despite the amount of information I had acquired, I lacked experience. Classes at the Academy turned out to be a great way to introduce the designer to work. Thanks to the always helpful instructors, I increased my resources of specialist knowledge and became familiar with the CAD software that I use today in my daily work. Additionally, the Academy allowed me to start work stress-free and smoothly, because during it I learned not only about the structures of our company but also about my current colleagues. In hindsight, I can say that participating in the Academy was a milestone in my professional career."

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