NG 15th anniversary stories: NG Academy

Following story has been shared by Jakub, another of our long-term colleagues, Lead Design Engineer and trainer of NG Academy.

"I joined NG Engineering the year the company was founded. Starting then as a Junior Design Engineer, I now continue as a Project Leader and also periodically run the NG Academy. During my 15 years of employment I have been involved in a fair amount of different trainings for our team members, which has shown the need, not only to continually improve the skills of existing staff, but also to better prepare new employees.

This resulted, in 2015, in the emergence of the concept of creating a training programme that, on the one hand, would allow the NG Engineering to prepare the next candidates to work in our company, complementing and expanding the material they learned at technical university; on the other, would allow students of the last semesters and graduates to receive training in conditions that would not interfere with their other duties. This is how NG Academy was created, which started its activities in spring 2016. Such an undertaking, at the time unprecedented in similar companies, turned out to be a success: with the growing interest of young engineers in our offer, there was a need to launch two courses during each academic year. Hence, in March 2022 we will already start the 10th edition of NG Academy.

Today many graduates, who started their engineering adventure a few years ago, use their knowledge, already leading their own design teams in subsequent projects. This seems to be the best achievement of the Academy’s goals and an illustration of its success!"

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