Product design with validation in the Simcenter 3D environment

We consider CAD construction support solutions today as standard. However, it is worth mentioning that digital CAE simulation and validation are still a path forward for many companies.

Simcenter 3D allows us to perform a variety of analyses in a single environment and, thanks to the manufacturer's business model (Siemens Digital Industries), ensures that the platform is available to virtually any customer. Using this tool, we will carry out strength analyses, modeling of acoustic issues, and CFD analyses of fluid or gas flow with real-time visualizations, among other things. Whether we are talking about the design of a drone, an innovative packaging machine, or automotive parts - the solution we offer will enable you to create a digital twin of the product, evaluate the realization of the design assumptions, as well as its optimization and final validation.

At NG PLM-Tec, we offer a flexible business model for the use of tools from the Simcenter 3D area. In addition to classic, permanent licenses, our offer includes a Value-Based Licensing model based on so-called tokens, enabling work in the area of the entire portfolio, as well as temporary licenses that allow for precise budget planning of investments in CAx tools. Using modern, digital solutions for CAD design or optimization and validation (CAE simulation) are becoming indispensable for companies these days. Our proposal will not only reduce costs associated with, for example, prototyping or laboratory testing but will also provide a significant reduction in product development and time to market, giving companies a competitive advantage.

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