Electric SSV test drive

What a ride! Dust, mud, lots of excitement & above all great fun! You certainly remember the LEM SSV project, as we have written about it more than once! Finally, we had the opportunity to see how the electric buggy would perform in its natural off-road environment.

The LEM SSV gave us a lot of excitement at the event for the project's supporters. The buggy proved that mud and extreme conditions are in its “genes”, and we had the opportunity to experience off-road driving with this extraordinary vehicle, which proves that the zero-emission Dakar Rally is not just a trivial fantasy! The LEM SSV can cover around 90 km in sport mode and 150 km if you opt for the energy-saving mode, and accelerates to the proverbial hundredth in 5 seconds!

At NG Engineering, we are always keen to support the young and ambitious in pursuing their passions. We are open to new experiences and are excited to take on different projects. Our work is all about enjoying what we do. That's why we hold the LEM SSV project so close to our hearts, as it was a lot of fun for everyone.

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