NG 15th anniversary stories: The new address on Strzegomska street

Another story on the occasion of the 15th anniversary is told by our Vice-President, CFO, Magdalena:

"As one of the company founders I remember September 2006 very well, when we started in a small office of 45m2. It wasn't much, and our needs grew, so over the next 15 years we moved several times, but we always stayed close to the centre of Wrocław.

Since NG Tools was established and needed a production hall, we were operating in two locations. The move in February 2019 was a watershed moment: a large part of the Engineering Department joined NG Tools. And so we occupied offices in the same building as the hall - on Strzegomska street.

And in this way we lived to 2021 when all our companies are at the same address. NG Group now needs almost 3000m2 to run its business effectively, so I think we can be proud of our growth.
I am very pleased that we are still privileged to work with some of the original NG employees from 2006. They are the pillars of our team, and it is the NG Team that is behind the company's growth."

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