Vacuum-conveyed heat-not-burn products

Vacuum transport is not just about grippers with suction cups or tubes for bulk materials. Our designers are developing innovative transport systems for the tobacco industry, which is undergoing an incredible revolution in the 21st century. After almost 200 years of cigarette production, the time for heated smokeless cartridges has come.

Currently, developed machines can reach a capacity of 10000 rods/min. This means that the machine we are designing can produce a six-month supply of cartridges for the average user in 16 seconds. However, the industry continues to make new, more far-reaching demands. Engineers from the NG team support the design of modern machines producing tobacco warmer cartridges using rotating drums based on vacuum transport.

Working with tobacco processing machines is an extremely challenging and rewarding process that the NG design team is always ready to tackle. A restrictive performance specification is just one of the many aspects we have to contend with. Meeting the hygiene and sanitary standards specific to pharmaceutical equipment, while ensuring a highly autonomous production line, often requires the delivery of innovative and creative solutions. These machines will work in the factories of the future, called 'dark factories' - they will not need to be operated - you can turn on the start button, turn off the light and leave the room!

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