strategy & vision

  • customer integration – we focus on adjusting our process, services and equipment to customer needs. Close cooperation with clients guarantees providing early and permanent feedback throughout complete delivery.
  • continuous improvement – we adapt perfectly to changing market needs, demand and new businesses, as we continuously strive to improve our processes and services.
  • cost optimization – our goal is to make processes the most effective. Using nearshoring strategy we are able to find the right cost balance along with maintaining high quality.

facts & figures

  • longterm experience in delivering turn key solutions

  • 170 engineers & professionals in Poland and 350 in Europe

  • OEM, 1st & 2nd Tier supplier

  • strategic locations across Germany, Poland & Czech Republic

  • annual turnover of 18 mln EUR in 2019



Headquarters - Engineering
Coburger Straße 7
96472 Rödental

Headquarters - Administration
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 4
96476 Bad Rodach

Branch office Wolfsburg
Hinterm Hagen 9
38442 Wolfsburg

Branch office Munich
Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
80992 München

Branch office Bautzen
Schliebenstraße 18
02625 Bautzen

Branch office Amberg
Friedlandstraße 4
92224 Amberg

Branch office Kronach
Lindenstraße 8
96317 Kronach-Neuses


Strzegomska 55C
53-611 Wrocław

Competence Center
Special Purpose Machinery
Strzegomska 55C
53-611 Wroclaw


Czech Republic

Nová 486/32
591 02 Žďár nad Sázavou


  • Headquarters / Competence Center, Wrocław
  • Headquarters, Rödental
  • Headquarters, Wrocław
  • Headquarters, Žďár nad Sázavou


Andreas Büchner

Chief Executive Officer

Since the beginning of our business activity we have been constantly growing as well as decisively influencing the Polish market of engineering services within the product development process. Answering the needs of our various customers from different industries we offer them professional and reliable solutions leading to better products. We have built a reputation for top quality standards and we will be more than happy to prove that it has been well deserved.