NG 15th anniversary stories: Rally and racing cars development

This week, in our anniversary series, a story about cooperation with rally & racing cars manufacturer, told by Łukasz, our Senior Key Account Manager - Automotive.

"I started working at NG Engineering in 2011 as a Sales Manager. From the very beginning, I was associated with the automotive sector, and my activities were mainly focused on the German market. At that time in Poland, companies operating in the automotive industry were mostly production plants that did not have R&D departments.

During those years of my travels to Germany, cooperation with one client was particularly memorable. It was a manufacturer of rally and racing cars that was very successful in the WRC world championship, and the TCR series. For me as a car and "motorsport" enthusiast, NG Engineering's participation in the development of these cars was not only professional success but, in a sense, a childhood dream come true. During several years of cooperation, our team of developers and specialists worked both in the area of the aerodynamics of the car: spoiler packages, bumpers, rear wings, and air intakes, as well as mechanical integration of seats, steering wheel, and pedals. Another very interesting project was converting a TCR series race car with an internal combustion engine to an electric one, where we were responsible for the mechanical integration of the engine, battery module, and wiring.

Watching WRC rallies or eTCR races on TV, I feel great satisfaction when a car in the development of which NG Engineering engineers took part is first across the finish line. However, what fills me with the most pride is the fact that our specialists are a brand in themselves, and on the path of their career not infrequently stands the queen of motorsport - F1."

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