Automatic screwing station with rotating table

Technical and scientific progress requires to use the most innovative solutions that not only speed up the production process but also eliminate the occurrence of potential errors. These principles guide us while creating our machines. The latest station we delivered, which performs the bolting process, has a particular task of a qualitatively demanding assembly of battery cooling system covers for electric motors.

The role of the machine, designed, assembled and commissioned by our specialists, is to automatically screw two workpieces together. The process must ensure quality at 16 bolting points. It is worth noting that an innovative linear-rotary servo drive was used to implement the process, allowing higher process control parameters to be achieved compared to currently popular solutions on the market. As a result, the machine is able to control the finer details of the process, such as the correct positioning of the screw on the screwdriver bit during automatic picking. In addition to setting up such an advanced drive, the biggest challenge was to ensure that the process was aligned and integrated according to process requirements. Such challenges, however, are the extra motivation for our team!

The future definitely demands that we look for ever newer solutions, and our specialists do their best to meet them. As NG Engineering Group, we have proven more than once that we are not afraid of innovation and can find a method for any task entrusted to us.

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