Autonomous machines - Artificial Intelligence in the quarries

Autonomous cars were supposed to flood our roads, but the current solutions and complicated legal regulations do not predict that we will soon see vehicles without drivers on the streets. Meanwhile, dozens of autonomous vehicles have already transported over 2 billion tons of excavated material in mines and quarries - without drivers!

One of the most interesting structurally and systemically solutions is the technological dumper, dedicated to works in quarries. Being an autonomous robot, it does not need an operator - so there is no cabin. Being environmentally neutral in design, the dumper is powered by electric batteries. Moreover, it is the first construction machine to be made of steel without fossil fuels. The current solutions clearly show the great potential of similar robots. Autonomous machines will significantly reduce costs, be more effective, improve safety and reduce the problem of labor shortage.

As a design office, we have extensive experience and a wide range of competences in the design of heavy equipment. Our specialists in structures, body parts and accessories, as well as electrical, hydraulic and engine installations, participate in the creation of modern solutions and support development centers around the world. We are constantly working on innovative solutions that optimize the operation of machines, used, among others in mines and quarries, taking an active part in this very important industrial revolution, which produces innovative machines-robots.

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