NG 15th anniversary stories: Breakthrough contracts

This week, in our anniversary series, a story about very important contract from the perspective of Jacek, our Product Development Manager of Machinery Departament:

"I started working at NG Engineering more than 15 years ago as a young design engineer without much experience. During the first years, I acquired a lot of technical knowledge in attractive projects and experience in working with our customers. The next step in my development was leading projects and managing teams of designers. These were mainly designs of production machines - this resulted in the expansion of our company into other areas.

However, the biggest challenge for me was not a design issue but something that required me to step out of my comfort zone. In 2015, our company signed a very important contract in the history of NG with an international construction machinery manufacturer. New tasks were then set before me.

Building up a 30-strong design team in a short time required several recruitments and specialists in heavy equipment design in the areas of engine, hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as support structures and external component design. Over the years, what seems to have been most important is the continuous work with people, supporting the development and raising the competences of design teams. The model of cooperation developed in the following years proved to be the basis for the success of this substantial undertaking for all parties.

These events brought about considerable development for both myself and the entire company. A new department has been created, in which we design road rollers, loaders, excavators, dumpers, and other vehicles for work in mines and on construction sites. We create innovative solutions in hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles. We provide a comprehensive service from the concept through 3D design, creation of 2D documentation, support for the construction of prototypes and launching serial production, and ending with the creation of spare parts catalogues.

It is safe to say that thanks to NG Engineering Wrocław has become a very important centre for development of machines construction."

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