Car seat comfort systems

With the development of the automotive industry, both the number of cars in the world and the time we spend in them are increasing. Most of us spend an average of one hour a day in a car seat. This interior element determines how comfortable our journey will be. That is why it has become so important for vehicle manufacturers to ensure maximum comfort and, therefore, positive passenger experiences.

Seats have become one of the most complex elements of vehicle equipment. The one in modern premium car contains several dozen modules responsible for various functions, ranging from electrically adjusted kinematic elements, through heating and cooling systems, to advanced comfort modules. The latter are pneumatic systems - allowing you to precisely adjust the shape of the seat to the preferences of a given user, and performing a massage function by filling and emptying the air bladders inside the chair. Additionally, the latest solutions include acoustic systems that can improve comfort and reduce muscle fatigue by generating an acoustic wave from built-in "speakers”.

As specialists in automotive interior design, at NG Engineering we constantly strive to improve our skills and stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and production processes. Thanks to this, we are able to design seats that not only meet all safety and comfort requirements but also constitute aesthetic and functional elements of the vehicle interior.

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