Design for costs in Solid Edge

Siemens PLM has introduced a new module in the Solid Edge that enables planning and controlling the cost of manufacturing sheet metal parts.

Quality, delivery time and price - these are the main factors that affect the ability of companies to compete in the market. In the case of 3D design, knowledge about the cost of materials, which can be obtained already in the initial design phase, is invaluable. For companies that deal with the delivery of design services, in particular under strict customer guidelines, the new module allows for more efficient, multi-variant design in such a way that the cost of production of the element is as low as possible. On the other hand, the production facilities enable the control of the product manufacturing process within the assumed budget.

Users that work on Solid Edge Classic and Premium licenses can directly benefit from the Design for costs module, thanks to which they gain:

  • a tool for analyzing the geometry of sheet metal elements and displaying statistics, on the basis of which the estimated cost of manufacturing parts is calculated;
  • graphical chart including the length of sheet cutting / burning, as well as the number of bends, holes, ribs and the minimum dimensions of the row material;
  • displaying in the table of cost variables and the ability to create individually defined variables, functions and restrictions;
  • dynamic conversion / update of cost information;
  • export of the obtained data to a .csv file (opened in Excel) or their direct printout;
  • the option of inserting into the executive drawing a table in which the user can find a summary of all parameters and approximate costs of the part.

We are convinced that the above innovative solution Siemens PLM will become one of the basic tools supporting 3D design, helping companies to increase the profitability of projects.

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