Electric motorcycle test Tor Łódź - LEM Wrocław Motorsport

LEM strikes at light speed!

Innovation is our compass, and at NG, the spirit of originality and brilliance runs deep. After all, everything starts with an idea! As you know, we have been supporting the young and talented from the LEM Science Circle for some time now.  A crew of petrolheads from the Wroclaw University of Technology, fueled by pure passion, have poured their sweat and gears into a groundbreaking endeavor. The results of their special project we could see on Tuesday at the track in Lodz.

The electric motorcycle of the Moto 3 class, with the promising name Tachyon, is the latest challenge set by LEM members - it was worth it, because it did really well on the track, completing a lap in less than a minute, with the general track record 55.955 seconds! With hearts set on victory, Tachyon now revs toward Spain, gearing up for the impending international Motostudent showdown. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

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