Heat pump assembly platforms

Due to the dynamic development of the heat pump market, there is a strong demand for production equipment that allows the manipulation of large masses. Operators working on assembly lines had to be able to have access to the components installed in the pump. The issue of ergonomic transport between assembly stations has also become important. A recently completed trolley design by the special purpose machinery department of NG Engineering Group responded to these specific needs.

The basis of the project was the development of an assembly table that could raise the heat pump to a height of 300 mm to 1000 mm and rotate it at any angle. This innovative solution allowed operators to access all pump components during installation, increasing efficiency and productivity. The Paco Spiralift lifting mechanism and electric wheel assist further enhanced ease of use and operator safety. In addition, many proprietary solutions of the NG team were used, such as operator panel, software, visual design, and control system.

This project's uniqueness lies in our specialists' ability to design and implement non-standard measures that respond to specific production challenges. The company's experience in the field of production equipment enables it to provide solutions that are both effective and tailored to the expectations of a specific client and the changing needs of the manufacturing industry.

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