Hydraulic column lift for a bus and truck manufacturer

What is needed for the production process to run smoothly and collision-free? Of course, it is necessary to have well-developed workflow and a proven team. But high quality, reliable tools and machines are equally important! If the equipment on the production floor works perfectly, it is easier not only to maintain the pace and quality of production, but also to avoid accidents and damage.

This is what guided us when we developed a column lift for one of our customers – a manufacturer of buses and large trucks.

The customer needed a high-quality tool, adapted to the dimensions of the vehicles being manufactured, which would enable the bus chassis to be lifted at a specific stage of production and turned so that the suspension arms could be fitted.

When designing the machine, we mainly took into account the considerable size and weight of the parts to be lifted. This was important because every such component must be lifted and held in a particular position at least once during production. Precision of rotation and stability were also important to us – the lift had to be as ergonomic as possible, simplify the assembly process and ensure safety for the customer's personnel when performing their work.  

After consultation with the customer and analysis of their needs, the design team prepared a design for a hydraulic lift. This technology met the requirements of the bus manufacturer much better than the previously used electric lift – we also recommended this solution as much more functional.

The machine was made on the NG Tools shop floor with high production standards. We hope that the customer sees an improvement in the quality of work and that the process is more efficient and safe thanks to our design.

Hydrauliczny podnośnik kolumnowy

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