Automation in machine construction - Lecture on Technical University Wrocław

At NG, we believe in sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generations. Therefore, we recently delivered an engaging lecture on "Automation in mechanical engineering" at the Wrocław University of Technology. During it, Wojtek, our Head of the Automation Department and a triathlete by passion, shared his perspective and insight linking the phases of machine development to the of stages of preparation and participation in sports competitions.

He emphasized the critical role of collaboration between design engineers and automation engineers throughout the machine development process. By highlighting the impact of material selection and operational conditions on machine performance, Wojtek shed light on the potential pitfalls that can be avoided through informed decision-making at the early design stage. This was so helpful and inspirational and together with students we want more!

Thanks to LEM Wrocław Motorsport and Samorząd Studencki Wydziału Mechanicznego Politechniki Wrocławskiej for their support!

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