NG 15th anniversary stories: New brand identity

Here comes another story of our series told by Aleksandra, our Chief Commercial Officer:

"For over 15 years, I have been presenting the possibilities of NG Engineering to our clients, building with them long-term and strong commercial relations. I am very proud that our brand has become a recognizable symbol of a reliable supplier over the years, guaranteeing the highest quality of engineering services.

A special moment for me was the change of the visual identity of the NG brand. The entire transformation process resulted in a new logo in characteristic blue and red colors, a clear and transparent website, and a coherent visual system of NG in Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Despite the high sentiment towards the previous "black version of NG", the new visual communication system undoubtedly improved the brand image and was essential for further development and expansion.

Today, I look at NG Engineering and see a modern company that can be proud of its brand recognition and high market awareness as a reliable partner for our clients, as well as a desired and unique employer."

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