NG 15th anniversary stories: Breakthrough projects

The next story of our series has been told by Product Development Manager - Automotive & Consumer Goods, Michał:

"I have been associated with NG Engineering since its founding in 2006. During this time, I was able to implement a number of interesting and challenging projects with the team of the Automotive Department. Noteworthy is the first comprehensive project completed for one of our OEM customers.

It was a project of a complete dashboard with integrated center console for several vehicle variants, including passenger & commercial. Together with our colleagues from the German branch, we designed the integration of the whole cockpit system, the structure of the dashboard, decorative trims and kinematic elements. As an integrator, we were responsible for leading the development of individual system components, from the conceptual phase, preparing product sections and taking part in styling adjustment rounds, through the preparation of prototype design, to serial development with technical documentation release.

Thanks to many years of experience and high commitment of the team we continue to carry out such comprehensive project implementation to this day."

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