NX Mechatronic Concept Designer (MCD)

SIEMENS is implementing a tool that allows you to shorten the delivery time and start up machines or production lines by an average of 30%. NX Mechatronic Concept Designer (MCD) is a solution that allows you to use a program from a PLC, already at the stage of creating a digital 3D model.

After assigning physical features to the moving parts of the machine and after the introduction of virtual sensors, the device can be moved according to the planned cycles. In addition, it is possible to validate the design assumptions with the initial optimization of the planned process. Typically, the automation starts working just before the assembly of physical components, from programming the machine's operating cycles. Sometimes, after the initial start-up of the device, it is necessary to introduce mechanical corrections of parts, or even verification of the construction of larger units. With the use of MCD, at the concept stage, and then a detailed 3D design, it is possible to visualize the machine's work (cycles) and introduce various changes. Such a solution makes it possible to reduce the costs related to possible mechanical corrections and shorten the time needed to give the customer a machine for use as a result of shifting the automation (creation and validation of the PLC program) to an earlier stage.

Until now, we could observe the transformations of 3D tools that are intended for constructors. Now SIEMENS offers a solution that helps in the visualization and validation of the work of people working in the automation position.

If you need more information about the Mechatronic Concept Designer (MCD) solution, please contact us at ask.info@ng-plm.com or call: +48 666 039 310.

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