NX HD3D - the perfect tool for visual analysis and control tests

Time-saving can be a key factor not only for an individual company but also for collaborating businesses - it increases productivity and often overall job satisfaction. Various software and tools are currently available on the market to increase the efficiency of engineers, and NX HD3D is one of them.

The NX HD3D Visual Reporting environment is a group of advanced tools available in NX configurations that allow visualization of the status of selected elements of 3D assemblies and reporting on the progress of design development. It is a widely developed spectrum of possibilities, allowing for quick sharing, presentation, and analysis of information concerning CAD designs. All you need to do is define the relevant criteria - e.g. the maximum mass for selected structural elements or the wall thickness of components - and NX tools independently analyze the entire project and display the statuses of the fulfillment of the given assumptions. Introducing the NX HD3D tool into the enterprise and the supply chain significantly increases the efficiency of the entire system, allowing users to focus on their next tasks while gaining a competitive advantage.

As a member of NG Engineering, NG PLM-Tec provides comprehensive solutions to meet the changing needs of today's companies. We offer HD3D Visual Reporting tools that enable seamless integration of design work and analysis, streamlining the entire process. So, if you are an NX software user, but are not using the tools described or are working with a low-performance CAD system, come to us to test the NX CAD/CAM/CAE solution, used in many market sectors.

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