Paper machines

Paper is a key raw material in the modern world. It comes in around 1,000 different varieties and is mainly used for packaging, for hygiene purposes and still as an information carrier. Paper recycling is up to 75% and, contrary to popular belief, forests do not suffer. This is because paper production uses the parts of trees that are not suitable for making furniture or other products.

You must have wondered how paper is made. Paper machines are substantial production lines, several storeys high, often more than 200 meters long. Built with rollers and pulp carriers mounted on robust steel frames, they are exposed to tough working conditions. Paper speeds of over 100km/h are commonplace here.

Our engineering team supports paper machines design at various stages and sections of the machine, from pouring the pulp onto the screen to receiving the finished roll in the winder. Our specialty is large welded beams and complex assemblies in the headbox design, the molder module, the press section, or those involved in the winding process. CAE engineers assist in the verification of customer solutions in the analysis of vibrations and welded junctions.

We take great satisfaction in continuously deepening our knowledge of the paper industry and improving our competence in mechanical engineering. As a result, we provide our customers with detailed manufacturing and assembly documentation in a short time parallel with high-quality assurance. We can proudly say that NG Engineering is the right choice when looking for a stable and solid partner for the engineering offices in manufacturing companies.

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