Sustainable materials for vehicle interiors

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the major challenges of today's industry. The automotive industry is playing a one of leading roles in the upcoming change. On the one hand, it happens through the electrification of vehicles, the replacement of engines with low-emission electric drives, on the other, in order to meet the requirements of low energy consumption, there is an emphasis on reducing the weight of vehicles, so the aspect of the materials used is also crucial.

            It all adds up to developing structures that are sustainable in many aspects. In interior design, this translates into a move towards ecological materials obtained from recycling and replacing the so far ubiquitous plastic with partly natural materials. An example of this type of solution is the NFPP technology, where composites with a high content of natural fibers are used, providing very similar properties to plastic elements. They can lighten the weight of a detail and reduce the "carbon footprint" of a product by more than a half!

At NG Engineering, we successfully design components using this technology for door elements or dashboards.

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