NG 15th anniversary stories: Team building

This week, in our anniversary series, a story about building NG team from the perspective of Andrzej, our vice president and COO:

"Like many of my colleagues, I started my adventure with NG as a design engineer. I joined a young and dynamic team in 2006. I wanted to design something that everyone can have contact with in everyday life. Initially, I was fulfilling myself in designing stylistic and functional elements of car interiors. However, I quickly started to support my colleagues from the design team technically, due to my previous experience.

More and more projects, and thus work, appeared over time. The scope and competences required for their reliable performance have significantly expanded. As a result, there was a need to hire new engineers. This involved searching for them, implementing, assigning them to new teams and organizing work, as well as ensuring that projects were carried out without any problems and that customers were satisfied with the results of our work.

The turning point in my career was the one where my competences changed completely. I did not design myself anymore, but was responsible for the entire team of engineers employed in our company. Our team is still growing, which is why proper management is so important.

I am very grateful to everyone I met during my work. It is very inspiring to see and support people sharing and developing common passions. At NG, we always focus on the team, because it is people who make up the company."

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