Efficiency boost: how turbochargers power hybrid machines

Hybrid machines have played a crucial role in the evolution of construction equipment. They combine the advantages of internal combustion and electric engines to achieve exceptional efficiency and power without compromising functionality. A key player in this transformation is a hidden hero: the turbocharger.

A "turbo" is a device that compresses air in the engine compartment, allowing more fuel to be burned. Imagine a smaller diesel engine that gets a power boost from a turbocharger to feed an alternator. This in turn powers the electric motor, providing incredible power without heavy batteries. A turbocharger in a combustion engine improves its efficiency, increasing its torque and power by up to 30-40%. As a result, a hybrid excavator or loader can be smaller, lighter, and more economical to operate.

The secret to the power and efficiency of hybrid construction equipment lies in carefully selected engine auxiliaries. Our experienced designers match the elements of the intake and exhaust systems to extract the maximum potential from the turbocharger. At NG Engineering, we create optimal exhaust solutions ensuring high power and fuel savings.

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