Welded steel structures

Steel is one of humanity's most durable engineering materials and greatly shapes the world around us. Thanks to its ability to withstand enormous loads, resistance to corrosion and ability to be easily formed, steel is used to create durable and stable structures such as skyscrapers, vehicles, and manufacturing machines.

In our projects, we develop optimal solutions based on steel, creating durable and stable load-bearing structures, often as welded modules, which are then screwed together. Engineers calculate the loads carried by elements and structural nodes, ensuring the durability of the entire system. When designing recycling lines, we develop support frame structures for separators, sorters, shredders, conveyors, and other waste processing equipment. The main process assemblies must be resistant to difficult conditions and supported by solidly welded and durable supports.

At NG Engineering, we can perfectly use the power of steel to create complex designs of welded structures for various industrial applications. Our team of experienced engineers has the expertise necessary to design optimal structures that meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's a waste sorting plant, paper machinery, or another manufacturing plant, our goal is to provide reliable steel structure solutions.

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