Bus seats

Each of us, traveling by public transport, knows how much influence a comfortable seat has on the comfort of travel. And do you know how many requirements a modern bus passenger seat must meet?

In addition to the main ergonomic and stylistic requirements, a very strong emphasis is placed on reducing its weight as much as possible, since it significantly affects the weight of the entire vehicle, given that the entire seating set in a vehicle is often 40-60 pieces. At the same time, the seat frame must be strong enough to meet the requirements of a seat with 3-point belts, where, unlike most solutions used in passenger cars, such belts are mounted directly in the seat and seatback. Particularly for tour bus seats, many additional accessories are used, such as adjustable armrests, headrests, footrests, a table for the rear seat passenger, beverage holders, or the now indispensable USB sockets for every traveler. As a whole, such a seat becomes a very complex structure, the design of which requires considerable skill from designers.

At NG Engineering, we successfully carry out such projects, supporting the development work of manufacturers of seats for public transport, from the conceptual phase to the implementation of new solutions in production.