A welding station for luggage compartment walls in buses

Good-quality, reliable tools and machines adapted to the stage of work are indispensable in streamlining the production process. For our client, a manufacturer of buses, we have created a device for welding the luggage compartment walls.

This welding fixture or “GEO station” has a number of improvements important for this type of tooling. The position of the profiles is always strictly determined, so during welding it is no longer necessary to measure and correctly set them. Work at any angle is also provided, as the entire tool is rotatable. In addition, the product has a modular structure and it uses system profiles, which all allows easy reconstruction in the future for new references or new functions.

The device was developed by the NG Engineering design department and made in the NG Tools hall with high production standards. The new solution will enable our client to simplify and ergonomize the entire welding process as much as possible.