NG 15th anniversary stories: Memorable projects

The following story of our series is told by Damian, Product Development Manager of Public Transportation Vehicles Department:

"I am associated with NG Engineering from the very beginning. Together with the Department of the Public Transportation Vehicles team, we have completed many interesting projects over the years, but one of them is especially remembered by me. It was a tram project for our domestic manufacturer, which was to serve public transportation in one of the major Polish cities.

       We were responsible for design of the complete front and rear part of the vehicle, starting with the elements of the outer sheathing, which determined its appearance, and ending with the arrangement of the driver's cabin. The integration of many systems in this vehicle required our team to apply several innovative solutions, which have been implemented in subsequent generations so far.

To this day, whenever I see this tram on the streets, I am proud of my team, who did a great designing job. Due to the fact that the life cycle of this type of vehicle is counted for 30 years, I know that for a long time to come our creation will be a showcase of public transport in the city."