3D design in NX and Solid Edge using PMI data in the light of process automation

The use of PMI data allows you to shorten the time of product launch and improve its service, thanks to the integration of many processes such as: part design, tolerance analysis (3D CAD), validation (CAE simulations), production (CAM), quality control (CMM), management of processes (PLM), service (MRO), etc.

At the design stage, the introduction and integration of PMI data with the 3D model, such as: GT&D (Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing), guidelines for maintaining surface roughness, technological descriptions, measuring points, welds, element identifiers, etc. allows for 2D documentation elimination. The unambiguous and quick transmission in the light of the PMI technology used allows for the integration of work groups, increasing their efficiency and causing a significant elimination of errors resulting, for example, from the interpretation of GD&T data from 2D documentation and constituting the input material for the development of production processes.

In the era of widespread digitization, PMI data provides external applications with various information, thus enabling process automation. Examples include cyclical measurement processes (CMM) or framework technological processes (CAM). Introducing processes based on the use of PMI data into the company and its supplier chain increases operational efficiency and enables them to gain a competitive advantage.

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