Generative design and 3D printing as an element of the company's competitive advantage

Growing competition and requirements imposed to manufacturers to deliver innovative products makes a modern engineer use an ever wider arsenal of tools to support the process of designing, optimizing and manufacturing of a product.

NX Generative Design is a multidisciplinary platform that provides a unique opportunity to holistically combine 3D design, CAE simulation and manufacturing into one logical process.

Thanks to these tools we may shorten the duration of project, quickly achieving goals such as: reducing the weight of the product or finding the minimum cross-section of key fragments of the product while maintaining its maximum strength parameters. 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) of parts, as well as entire assemblies, in metal and plastics is a standard today. Together with NX Generative Design, it makes a tool that enables Rapid Prototyping, but also supports serial production.

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