• front units
  • rear frames
  • counterweights
  • superstructures


  • dumper body
  • fenders & covers
  • stairs, platforms, handrails
  • hydraulic / fuel / urea tanks

electric installations

  • wiring diagrams
  • system integration
  • cable harness

hydraulic installations

  • functional units
  • system integration
  • pipe & hose routing


  • engine auxiliaries
  • exhaust systems
  • thermal management


  • instrument panels
  • control panels
  • seats
  • interior trims
  • steering columns


  • buckets
  • grapples
  • harvester headers
  • attachment brackets

Jacek Borek

Product Development Manager - Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is machinery capable of performing challenging tasks in road construction, mine work, agriculture, or rebuilding cities destroyed by wars and earthquakes. Thanks to modern solutions in this industry, many jobs can be completed faster, more accurately, and more safely than ever before. Our company offers comprehensive design solutions that enable our customers to create high-quality machinery and equipment. With an experienced team, we also provide professional service and technical support at the highest level.