• welded frames
  • casted supports
  • superstructures
  • frameworks

motion systems

  • drives & actuators​
  • power transmission​
  • conveyors ​
  • vertical systems​
  • carriages​
  • storage systems
  • vacuum feeding


  • cast & injection molds
  • punches
  • welding fixtures
  • tool holders


  • pneumatic cylinders/grippers
  • vacuum pump/ejectors/gripps
  • hydraulic pumps/actuators
  • electrical drives & control
  • valves terminals/pre-treatment
  • pipe & hose routing
  • cable harness and cabinets
  • fittings/connectors/joints


  • working platforms
  • stairs & rails
  • shield & covers
  • doors & guarding
  • safety system

Jacek Borek

Product Development Manager - Mechanical Engineering

Thanks to modern solutions in production systems, goods and everyday products become increasingly tailored to individual needs, and through cost optimization in production, they are accessible to a wide range of consumers at an affordable price. Our specialized project teams support clients in developing innovative production solutions in various industries such as automotive, home appliances, food and pharmaceutical industries, paper, tobacco, and resource recovery and recycling. We are looking forward to doing business with you to jointly create innovative and uncompromising machines.